Personal Injury Attorney Fees

Personal Injury

When people think of attorneys they often think of large hourly fees and even larger retainers that need to be paid before any work is even done and without any guarantee that what you want done by your attorneys is even legal or possible.  When you go to a Personal Injury Attorney chances are you will not have these headaches, which you may have had if you previously dealt with family law attorneys or business attorneys.  The reason for this is that the majority of Personal Injury Attorneys do not have any hourly fees and most of the time they do not require any type of retainer.

When you hire a Personal Injury Attorney to handle your Personal Injury claim they will most likely take your case on a contingent fee basis.  This means that the way your Personal Injury Attorney is compensated for handling your case is by taking a portion of what they are able to obtain for you; most Personal Injury Attorneys have a fee of one third and possibly more if the case requires a lawsuit to be filed.  The corollary to this is that if your Personal Injury Attorney is unable to obtain any compensation for you they will go without a fee and you will not be forced to pay any sort of fee out of your own pocket.  The contingent fee is very friendly to clients, as they can rest assured that their Personal Injury Attorney is doing everything possible to get them the maximum amount of compensation possible, as the Personal Injury Attorney has a vested interest in seeing that happen.

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