Personal Injury and Workers Compensation

Personal Injury

Personal Injury Attorneys are often presented with prospective clients who’s injury actually falls within the Workers Compensation system.  While Personal Injury Attorneys routinely have this happen, they may not routinely handle Workers Compensation cases.  As such, if you have a Personal Injury and your prospective Personal Injury Attorneys tell you that it is actually a Workers Compensation matter, you should make sure that your Personal Injury Attorneys have experience with Workers Compensation cases.

While Personal Injury cases and Workers Compensation cases are similar in that they both deal with injured clients, the two systems are very different.  Personal Injury cases that are handled by Personal Injury Attorneys are usually filed in your local circuit court.  They often can be resolved without the need of filing any lawsuit and if a trial is needed your Personal Injury Attorneys will represent you at the circuit court, usually in front of a jury.

A Workers Compensation case is different and not all Personal Injury Attorneys routinely deal with them.  In a Workers Compensation case your Personal Injury Attorneys will file a claim with the Division of Workers Compensation and it is always necessary to file a claim to initiate your Workers Compensation case.  While your Personal Injury Attorneys often do not need to have a trial in your Workers Compensation case, when they do they will try your case only in front of a judge.  The biggest difference between a Personal Injury case and a Workers Compensation case is how injuries are valued and that reason alone means that you need to make sure your Personal Injury Attorneys are familiar with Workers Compensation when you bring them that kind of case.

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