Personal Injury and Disability (Part II)

Personal Injury

Personal Injury Attorneys often have to help their clients plan for their future after a traumatic accident that caused a Personal Injury.  In most instances this can take the form of disability payments.  There are two major avenues that your Personal Injury Attorneys can help you obtain disability payments after your Personal Injury Accident.

The first way that individuals can obtain disability payments is through private insurance.  In this situation you would have had to obtained a disability insurance policy prior to the Personal Injury that caused your disability.  If everything goes smoothly you should be able to submit your situation to your disability insurer and they should begin making disability payments under the policy.  However, their are instances where the insurer refuses to make disability payments even though you have a prior disability insurance policy; there can be many reasons for this that range from how disability is defined under the policy to the cause of the disability.

If you have a situation where you suffered a Personal Injury that has rendered you unable to work and your private disability insurer refuses to honor your policy you should speak with Personal Injury Attorneys to see what options you have.  Personal Injury Attorneys will be able to build your case by putting together evidence of your disability and taking the case to court if necessary.

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