Personal Injury and Child Support

Personal Injury

When you go to Personal Injury Attorneys to handle your case the expectation is that they will be able to get you the greatest amount of compensation possible.  However, despite the best efforts of your Personal Injury Attorneys the bottom line compensation you see as a result of your Personal Injury case may be much less than you would expect.  Often the reason for this is a child support lien.

A Child Support lien is no different than any other lien at its base.  Like all liens there is a third party that is owed compensation from you and the lien is a way for that third party to obtain that compensation.  In most cases your Personal Injury Attorneys will deal with liens for medical treatment but with all liens the interest of the third party must be satisfied before any client of Personal Injury Attorneys can recover.  If your Personal Injury Attorneys or the insurer fail to honor a lien on a case they may be held liable for that failure by the third party; as such, your Personal Injury Attorneys take liens very seriously.

With a child support lien the government acts as the third party that puts the lien in place and collects on it.  Unfortunately, when you have an arrearage in your child support it is likely that a child support lien will find its way to your Personal Injury case and if your child support arrearage is great much of what you could expect to receive in your Personal Injury case will disappear.

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