Passengers in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident

It is not uncommon that when a Motorcycle Accident happens more than one person may have been injured while riding the motorcycle.  If you were a passenger on a motorcycle and were involved in a Motorcycle Accident it is highly advisable that you get your own Motorcycle Accident Attorneys separate even from the person that was driving the motorcycle.

First, it is advisable to have your own Motorcycle Accident Attorneys even when the person that was driving the motorcycle was not at fault for the Motorcycle Accident.  The reason for this is that while a third party may be responsible you and the the driver may not share interests when negotiation begins with the insurer.  Often this is because of policy limits that make the injured parties in a Motorcycle Accident compete over limited resources.  In this case you want to make sure that your Motorcycle Accident Attorneys are completely devoted to your case and that they are not put in a position where they have a conflict of interest.

Second, when the Motorcycle Accident was caused by the driver of the motorcycle it is important to have Motorcycle Accident Attorneys.  While you may have a good relationship with the driver that does not mean that their insurance company will treat you with kid gloves and you will want Motorcycle Accident Attorneys looking out for you.  Also, when you have Motorcycle Accident Attorneys they act as a buffer between you and the insurance company, which can stop the development of any hard feelings between you and the driver in the Motorcycle Accident.

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