Occupational Injuries, Civil Suit or Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

When you have suffered an occupational injury it is important that you speak to a Workers Compensation Lawyer about your injury so that you can make sure that your case is handled properly.  With occupational injuries the expertise of a Workers Compensation Lawyer is more important than usual because they will be able to advise if your case will be best served by the filing of a Workers Compensation claim or a civil suit.

An occupational injury can also be called a repetitive motion injury.  This means that the injury you received at work was not caused by a specific accident such as a slip and fall or an equipment malfunction but was instead caused by repetitive motions that are associated with your job; often these injuries manifest themselves in the form of back injuries, shoulder injuries or other joint problems.

A Workers Compensation Lawyer is important in a case like this because in Missouri you have the ability to bring occupational injury claims as civil suits and a Workers Compensation Lawyer will tell you if this advisable in your case.  In a civil suit the potential recovery is often higher than what would be available through the Workers Compensation system but the cost and risk of such a case can also be higher; as such, consultation with a Workers Compensation Lawyer is highly advisable.

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