Motorcycle Accidents and Wrongful Death

Motorcycle Accidents

An unfortunate part of Motorcycle Accidents is that Wrongful Death cases are more common than in normal automobile accidents.  When a Motorcycle Accident that leads to a wrongful death occurs through no fault of the decedent it is important to speak with Motorcycle Accident Attorneys that can analyze your case and see what options you have for filing a lawsuit, if any.

After the Motorcycle Accident one of the first issues that your Motorcycle Accident Attorneys will have to determine was the family status of the decedent.  In Missouri Wrongful Death cases the legislature has created classes of people that are allowed to bring lawsuits against the party responsible for the Motorcycle Accident that caused the wrongful death.  As such, if the decedent had children and you were a sibling or niece or nephew your Motorcycle Accident Attorneys may not be able to bring a lawsuit on your behalf.  Due to the strict statutory restrictions in wrongful death cases it is important to have the guidance of Motorcycle Accident Attorneys.

However, determining who may bring a lawsuit is not the only issue.  When it comes time to determine how much money a party will receive from a settlement or award it is important to have the help of Motorcycle Accident Attorneys, as their may be a hearing that determines the amount each party lost through the death and consequently, how much they are entitled to receive from the lawsuit.  Motorcycle Accident Attorneys will be able to help put forth reasons why you should receive the greatest share possible.

If you believe that you may have a wrongful death case due to a Motorcycle Accident and would like to speak with Motorcycle Accident Attorneys contact The Elster Firm for a free consultation.

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