Motorcycle Accidents and the Police

Motorcycle Accident

After any Motorcycle Accident it is important that you call the Police before you and any other drivers leave the scene of the accident.  This is because if you decide that you want to file a claim against the responsible party’s insurer you will want to hire Motorcycle Accident Attorneys and they will be able to do their job all the better if they have a police report to work with.

While Motorcycle Accidents often lead to more significant injuries than car accidents that happen at the same speed, that does not mean that all Motorcycle Accidents are immediately devastating to the Motorcycle rider.  In some cases there are no injuries apparent at the time of the accident and the rider may not discover problems until a few days later.  The fact that injuries may be delayed in presentation means that after a Motorcycle Accident it is important to contact the police after any accident because you may be unaware of how hurt you are.

The police report is important to Motorcycle Accident Attorneys for a few reasons.  First, it gives a description of how the accident occurred and also gives a diagram of the accident.  Second, the police report will assign fault for the accident, if there is any and this can be important leverage for your Motorcycle Accident Attorneys.  Finally, the police report is a piece of evidence that can make an insurer decide to settle without having the expense of a filing a lawsuit.  As such, Motorcycle Accident Attorneys will recommend having a police report made after any accident, no matter how small you think it is.

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