Motorcycle Accidents and Drinking

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents can often leave riders and passengers with serious injuries that lead to serious medical costs and even if you have insurance your personal bills may seem astronomical.  Due to this, individuals that are involved in Motorcycle Accidents often meet and hire Motorcycle Accident Attorneys, if only to help cover their medical costs.  It is not uncommon that when these injured parties meet with their Motorcycle Accident Attorneys one of the ingredients in the accident is alcohol.

When alcohol is involved in a Motorcycle Accident the impact on a person’s injury case can be significant.  Obviously, if you are hurt in a Motorcycle Accident and you were drinking and driving it will be more difficult for your Motorcycle Accident Attorneys to make a recovery for you even if the accident was not your fault and if it was your fault Motorcycle Accident Attorneys will be able to offer you little help.

When alcohol is involved in a Motorcycle Accident injured passengers also can have a more difficult case.  When a passenger rides a motorcycle with a driver that they know has been drinking and may be impaired their Motorcycle Accident Attorneys may not be able to get them the same amount they could in a Motorcycle Accident where alcohol is not involved.

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