Motorcycle Accident Insurer Statements

Motorcycle Accident

If you are involved in a Motorcycle Accident you should speak with Motorcycle Accident Attorneys as soon as possible if you suffered injuries that you believe you should be compensated for.  Motorcycle Accidents inherently cause more significant injuries than what are seen in average Motor Vehicle Accidents and because of that insurers often want to settle these with injured parties as soon as they can and before the injured party has had the chance to speak with Motorcycle Accident Attorneys.  The reason is that if the insurer can settle the Motorcycle Accident claim before you have obtained the help of Motorcycle Accident Attorneys they know that they can save their company a great deal of money.

Another thing the insurer may attempt to obtain before you have had the chance to confer with Motorcycle Accident Attorneys is a recorded statement.  In this statement the insurer will ask you about how the accident happened, what injuries you suffered, information about money lost as a result of the accident and any number of other questions.  Before you give a recorded statement to the insurer it is important that you speak with Motorcycle Accident Attorneys and have them present at any statement so that they can help protect your interests.

While most recorded statements are uneventful affairs that does not mean that the representative for the insurer will not try to get you to say something that may hurt your case down the road; for this reason alone it is always advisable to have Motorcycle Accident Attorneys present that can help keep the statement in bounds.

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