Medical Treatment and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accident

After a Motor Vehicle Accident it may be necessary to obtain medical treatment.  Even accidents that do not seem very severe at the time of the Motor Vehicle Accident can lead to physical injuries days later.  It is important that if you have any symptoms of an injury following a Motor Vehicle Accident that you obtain medical treatment, as this is one of the first questions that Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers are going to ask you about.

Unlike Medical Treatment in a Workers Compensation case, where the employer is required by law to provide treatment for injuries sustained at work, after a Motor Vehicle Accident the injured party must seek and obtain all necessary medical treatment on their own; Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers cannot compel the other party to provide you with medical treatment.  After a traumatic Motor Vehicle Accident this often takes the form of a trip to the Emergency Room.  Though, in many cases the medical treatment is started with a trip to your primary care doctor.  After an exam it may be necessary to visit a specialist, with a referral from your primary care doctor.  Often this is a orthopedist, a pain management doctor or a physical therapist.  Additionally, all these doctors may have imaging studies done; such as, x-rays, CT scans or an MRI.

All of this treatment is going to be of great interest to your Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers.  First, it shows the severity of the injuries that were suffered in the Motor Vehicle Accident.  Second, the overall value of the case and the amount the injured party is entitled to correlates with the medical bills incurred in treatment.  As such, Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers will go through your treatment records in great detail.

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