Medical Liens in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident

After a Motorcycle Accident a person’s injuries can be significant, even when the accident was at relatively low speed.  This means that even in a Motorcycle Accident that seemed like it should have been harmless the medical bills associated with that same Motorcycle Accident could be enormous.  Motorcycle Accident Attorneys will help you deal with the high medical bills that are incurred after a Motorcycle Accident.

Due to the often severe and disfiguring injuries associated with Motorcycle Accidents, people injured in these accidents often seek damages from the at fault party’s insurer as compensation for their pain and suffering.  Unfortunately, their health insurer often also wants reimbursement for the medical bills they were forced to pay or the health provider itself may want payment for the treatment they provided.  When a third party asks for subrogation rights or a lien due to past payment of medical bills or provision of medical treatment, it is of the utmost importance that you contact Motorcycle Accident Attorneys.

Your Motorcycle Accident Attorneys will be able to try and negotiate down the amount owed to your insurer or the healthcare provider for your medical bills.  Also, your Motorcycle Accident Attorneys will be able to maximize the amount obtained from the other driver’s insurance, so that you are able to net the greatest amount of compensation possible.  Finally, once your case is completed your Motorcycle Accident Attorneys will be able to advise you as how the settlement proceeds should be divided.

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