Handling Your Own Workers Compensation Claim

Workers Compensation

A common question asked of any Workers Compensation Lawyer is whether or not an injured worker is able to handle their Workers Compensation claim on there own.  The simple answer is yes but no matter how big or small you think your Workers Compensation claim may be, you should always have a Workers Compensation Lawyer help you prosecute your Workers Compensation claim.

The temptation to handle your own Workers Compensation claim often comes from one of two places.  First, workers sometimes believe that if they handle their Workers Compensation claim on their own they can get a fair deal that does not take their employer to the cleaners and will keep them on good terms with their employer throughout their Workers Compensation claim.  Second, the temptation to keep whatever you negotiate for all to yourself is often a motivation to handle a Workers Compensation claim on your own.

In both of these cases the beliefs are mistaken.  When you handle your Workers Compensation claim without the help of a Workers Compensation Lawyer you do not aid your employer.  Once the employer refers your case to the insurer, it is the insurer that is on the hook for payments and that is who your Workers Compensation Lawyer will deal with, not your employer who has to pay insurance premiums no matter what.  Second, while you may keep whatever you get when you represent yourself in a Workers Compensation claim, it will be difficult to get the same amount you would with a Workers Compensation Lawyer because of their expertise in negotiation of Workers Compensation cases and their ability to foresee other costs that are often hidden to those not versed in Workers Compensation.

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