Getting Medical Treatment In Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Case

The most important aspect of any workers compensation case is the medical treatment you receive. Medical records constitute the main piece of evidence that your Workers Compensation Lawyer will use to prosecute your case.  As such, whenever you believe that you have been injured you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible but your next call should be to a Workers Compensation Lawyer.

The reason is that medical evidence will be more compelling when it is first sought contemperaneously with the injury; from the employer’s point of view when an employee waits a month to get treatment the injury must not be that serious and this will be a hurdle the employer uses in any negotiation with your Workers Compensation Lawyer.  Therefore, when a person suffers an injury at work they should immediately notify their supervisor and request medical treatment.  In Missouri, the employer is required to provide medical treatment to the employee; though, the employer is allowed to choose the medical provider.  Unfortunately, in many cases the employer’s doctor will not provide treatment that fully addresses the employee’s injury and will send the employee back to work too early, this is why it is important to have a Workers Compensation Lawyer.

In that situation your Workers Compensation Lawyer may have you get treatment with your own insurance, as you will be able to get the treatment you need and create the medical history that a judge will look at to gauge the severity of your disability.  Additionally, your Workers Compensation Lawyer may send you for an IME in an effort to force your employer to give you the treatment you need.  Thus, with any work injury it is important that you get medical treatment and speak with a Workers Compensation Lawyer as soon as possible.

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