Do I Have a Slip and Fall Case (Part 2)?

Slip and Fall Accident

Previously we looked at where a Slip and Fall occurred as a test of whether you should contact a Slip and Fall Attorney or not.  The conclusion there was that in order for your Slip and Fall Attorney to be able to get you any compensation the fall had to happen on someone else’s property and you had to have no control over the maintananence of the property.  If you pass that hurdle the next question is what caused me to fall?

In order for your Slip and Fall Attorney to be able to get you compensation for your Slip and Fall Accident there must have been some defect in the property that caused the accident.  A classic example of this would be a foreign substance at a grocery store, this could be a wet floor that is not marked or cooking oil that leaked out of a container.  The failure of the business to maintain clean and clear walking areas will allow your Slip and Fall Attorney to make a compelling case for compensation on your behalf.

In our previous post we talked about liability at an apartment complex.  In common areas of the complex, which are outside of your control, you still may be able to have a Slip and Fall case.  An example here would be with winter weather.  A Slip and Fall Attorney may be able to get you compensation for a fall on icy paths when the complex has taken on the duty of clearing the grounds of snow and ice.  It is very common that the paths are not completely cleared or after clearing more ice accumulates and causes you to Slip and Fall.  In that situation a Slip and Fall Attorney can make a good case for compensation.

In conclusion, your Slip and Fall Attorney will need some breach of a duty on the part of the property owner to have a case.  Basically, when you are invited to another’s property they have a duty to take reasonable precautions to keep you safe, failure to do that will allow a Slip and Fall Attorney to help with your case.

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