Deposing the Employer’s Doctor for Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

When you have a Workers Compensation claim the employer may send you to a doctor that will examine you and your medical records.  After their examination they will issue a report that gives their opinion as to whether or not the accident caused your injuries and if it did they will further state how disabled they believe your are.  In order to use this information the employer’s attorney will have to depose the doctor and your Workers Compensation Lawyer will have the opportunity to cross-examine the doctor.

At this stage of a Workers Compensation case it is important to have Workers Compensation Lawyer handling your case.  In most instances the doctor that the employer sends you to is very experienced in performing the Workers Compensation evaluations.  Furthermore, they are very experienced when it comes to giving testimony for the employer.  However, a Workers Compensation Lawyer will be able to try to poke holes in the testimony of the employer’s doctor.  Often this is done by having the doctor go into a deeper analysis of the injury than was given in the doctor’s initial report.  By delving deeper your Workers Compensation Lawyer may be able to find problems with the testimony of the employer’s doctor.

If your Workers Compensation Lawyer is able to discredit the testimony of the employer’s doctor to a great enough extent, it may force the employer to settle where they may not have previously or allow for a favorable result at trial.

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