Carpal Tunnel and Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

One of the most common injuries a Workers Compensation Lawyer will come across is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome employees often complain of numbness and tingling in their hands that sometimes will involve the elbow as well.  The numb sensation associated with this nerve problem often makes it difficult for employees to continue to do their job duties, due to pain and a loss of dexterity.  If you have been experiencing pain, numbness or tingling in your hands you should speak with a Workers Compensation Lawyer about the possibility of filing a Workers Compensation claim based on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is unusual in that it can be found in both blue collar and white collar jobs.  Often, individuals that work in manufacturing or factory jobs are at risk for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Repetitive motions with one’s hands or use of machinery that is associated with vibration can put a person at risk for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  However, our Workers Compensation Lawyer has also seen Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in people with more sedentary or white collar jobs.  The risk factors are the same, namely repetitive motion with one’s hands and this leads to assistants or individuals that work on computers for most of the day being susceptible to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  In either case it is advisable to hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer to handle the claim, so that you can be certain that you get the best result possible.

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