Car Accident Damages

Car Accident

Car Accident Attorneys often deal with a number of questions when people that have been injured in a Car Accident come to meet them.  However, the question everyone has for their Car Accident Attorneys is how much is my Car Accident case worth.  If you meet with Car Accident Attorneys and they are ready to tell you exactly how much your case is worth without doing anything more than talking to you about your Car Accident you should be leery.

The reason that Car Accident Attorneys are often hesitant to give you a value of the case, especially early on, is that there can be many variables that go into determining the value of your Car Accident case.  First and foremost Car Accident Attorneys will look at the medical treatment and medical bills that come about due to your Car Accident injuries and if you are still in treatment when you ask your Car Accident Attorneys what they think the value of your case is, they will not be able to tell you.  Also, Car Accident Attorneys will have to look at other factors that may be difficult to value such as the need for future medical treatment, lost income and of course, the ubiquitous pain and suffering.

However, there is also the issue of the insurer; if they value your case differently you may find yourself in a difficult negotiation where you may instruct your Car Accident Attorneys to give up some of the perceived value of your case in order to avoid additional costs and and time.  In all, it can be very difficult for you Car Accident Attorneys to give you an accurate forecast of what kind of damages to expect from your Car Accident.

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