Auto Accident Interrogatories

Auto Accident

When you go to an Auto Accident Attorney you always have the option to file a lawsuit with your Auto Accident Attorney.  In most cases this is unnecessary but there are exceptions to every rule and if the insurer refuses to offer what your Auto Accident Attorney believes what your case to be worth it may be necessary to file a lawsuit for your Auto Accident.

When your Auto Accident Attorney files a lawsuit on your behalf your case does not automatically go to trial and it may be quite some time before your case does go to trial, if that happens at all.  However, once your Auto Accident Lawsuit is filed it is not sitting in your Auto Accident Attorney‘s office with no work being done.  Up until the case goes to trial your Auto Accident Attorney and the attorney for the defendant are working on discovery.  Discovery is the process by which your Auto Accident Attorney and the attorney for the defendant exchange information and learn more about your Auto Accident case.

One part of the discovery process is the exchange of interrogatories between the parties and this is often one of the first things that are done.  The interrogatories are a list of questions that your Auto Accident Attorney sends to the defendant that require written responses within thirty days.  Often, the questions relate to how the accident happened, insurance information and other general information.  These questions will also be sent to you and your Auto Accident Attorney will help you answer them.

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