Auto Accident Evidence

Auto Accident

After an Auto Accident that required medical treatment many people seek out Auto Accident Lawyers to help handle their case and make sure that they get the best recovery possible from the insurance company.  When you go to Auto Accident Lawyers there are some major pieces of evidence that will need to be collected in order for your Auto Accident Lawyers to handle your case properly.

While you and your Auto Accident Lawyers would love to be able to go to the insurer and immediately get a settlement, this is not how the process works.  It will be necessary for your Auto Accident Lawyers to show the nature of the accident, i.e. how it happened; further, you Auto Accident Lawyers will need to show the extent of your injuries and medical treatment.

In order to show how the Auto Accident happened your Auto Accident Lawyers will use the police report.  This will give a narrative of the accident and a diagram as well.  Later in the case it may be necessary to depose the officers that responded to the accident or even hire an accident reconstruction expert but most cases only require the police report.

Next your Auto Accident Lawyers will collect all your medical records and bills that were generated from the injuries you suffered in the accident.  Usually, these records alone are enough for your Auto Accident Lawyers to negotiate a settlement on your behalf but it may be necessary to hire a medical expert to interpret the records; however, this is not necessary in the vast majority of cases.

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