Apartment Building Slip and Falls

Slip and Falls

Slip and Falls at an apartment building are not uncommon.  After a Slip and Fall at an apartment building injuries to your back or arms and legs are quite possible.  However, the pain and suffering you experience from the Slip and Fall accident may not be compensated immediately by the apartment building and Slip and Fall Attorneys will be able to help you obtain the compensation you want.

One of the major issues that Slip and Fall Attorneys deal with in Slip and Falls at apartment buildings is who is at fault or liable for the injury.  Generally, Slip and Falls that happen inside your apartment or inside the apartment of another are not the fault of the apartment complex.  However, it is important to speak with Slip and Fall Attorneys in any event because while this is generally the case, it is not always true.  Slip and Fall Attorneys may look at your lease and under the terms of your lease your Slip and Fall Attorneys may be able to bring a successful claim against the apartment complex.

Slip and Falls that happen in the common area are generally the responsibility of the apartment complex, especially when there is a construction defect or some foreign substance is allowed to stay in the common area without any clean up or notification.  However, it is still important to contact Slip and Fall Attorneys in this instance as they will be able to better negotiate your case and deal with any defenses raised by the apartment complex or their insurer.

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